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Sunday, August 21, 2011


Some clown cobbed together a single shot 12 gauge pistol.
Dangerous to the shooter and anyone in a 30 yard radius of him.
Do NOT try this at home. Suitable only for post-apocalypse conditions.

Yeaaaah... it's not right.

If anything, this video demonstrates that Gun Control is impossible. Sorry Mayor Bloomberg, you can't make plumbing pipe illegal.

Monday, May 16, 2011

freedom of information

It sometimes becomes necessary to improvise weaponry for protection from fascist forces, Orks or zombie hordes. Cue the interwebs:

Build an AK in 24 hours

Expedient Homemade Arms The 9mm Machine Pistol

British Standard Pipe 9mm SMG

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

big bore air rifles

A very American upstart industry - large caliber air rifles

Dennis Quackenbush, the guy who sort of created the industry:

Dan McVey

Jack Haley

LeRoy Roduner

And you'll need ammo - Big ass hollow point bullets:

Sunday, April 10, 2011

DIY Big Bore air rifle

Zeb and his big bore air gun, a sweet project he did a few years back in .50 caliber.

and an extremely detailed forum thread of a build from last Summer (2010) to the present of a .45 caliber air rifle.

Beautiful workmanship and artistry.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I was a Teenage War Profiteer

The most amazing story I've read in a long time:

The Stoner Arms Dealers: How Two American Kids Became Big-Time Weapons Traders

How a couple of dudes from Miami became international arms dealers.

Brass Balls.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

long-range semi auto

For lazy bastards who don't like to manually cycle an action, or worse: us lazy left-handers who have difficulty finding left-handed weaponry... semi-auto rifles do the trick.

But what if you want to reach out far, say 1000 or 1500 yards.

What are your options?

There's the 13 pound, "bantam-weight" 6061 billet aluminum receiver Bad News by Noreen in .338 Lapua chambering, AR-stye for Black Gun enthusiasts.

At somewhere south of $5K for the basic package, you might even fool your wife into thinking it's affordable.

another option is the Cobb/Bushmaster platform, though examples are few and far between. Good luck finding one.

And in the same weight/price class, the beefy-looking RND 2000, also chambered in 338 Lapua.

Last up, and in a class of it's own, this 18 pound beast looking more like a BAR hunting rifle on steroids - the VR1 from the guy who makes the Windrunner 50.

The maker claims they are "THE MOST BAD ASS RIFLES ON PLANET EARTH!"

Just shy of 8 grand to buy this thing. Available in many different chamberings starting from unnecessary up to super-obnoxious.

Git summ!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

peace maker

badass big bore airguns

Sitting on the sidelines and letting Korean manufacturers and independant gunsmith Dennis Quackenbush create a market for big bore air rifles, Crosman now steps in with a high-tech masterpiece: the Rogue

a .357 caliber revolver-magazine rifle with electronic trigger.

As the air pressure gets lower in its reservoir, a microprocessor automatically adjusts a valve to keep the Point-Of-Impact from dropping.

Available around Christmas time 2011.

an early impression here.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

DIY pistol

Some people have skills. Heavy duty skills.

This guy made his own single shot open bolt 22 caliber pistol. It's an extremely well thought out design. Lookey

finished pics:

build thread:;f=3;t=18176

shooting video:

teardown / assembly video: